Split stem position in altered unisons

Dorico places the second note of an altered unison offset to the right:
Altered unisons_1

Is there a way to have the split stems centered:
Altered unisons_2

No, at the moment, there’s no way to show altered unisons in this way.

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Except for having the left end of the beams at an angle, it is possible to achieve the desired look with some effort:


The beams are between a translucent sixteenth rest and the first chord using the command Force Stemlet Beam and the stemlet has been shortened. The notes in the altered unison are in a second voice with their stems hidden and the rests in that voice removed. The E# has been moved to the left in note spacing mode. The angled stems are two lines with their endpoints moved. Unfortunately, if the measure width changes, these lines will have to be moved again.

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Excellent, thank you @johnkprice. I’ll give that a try.