Split stereo track into two mono tracks

Im completely new to Cubase. I have recorded a concert using a Mid-Side mic configutation. Now I need to split the stereo track into two mono tracks. Im trying out Cubase 13 elements and I havnt figured out how to execute this command. Anyone knows how to do this?

Welcome, @Guttenor

The easiest way (as it seems that the Elements version allows this) to get two mono tracks from a stereo one, is to use the File > Export > Audio Mixdown… window and set it as follows (I have the pro version which has more options, but the process to achieve this is basically the same with the Elements one) :

The result is shown below (it’s a recording of LoungeLizard e-piano with a rather strong stereo chorus effect) : I get two mono tracks which reflect the L and R channel of the initial stereo track recorded :

EDIT (important) : The menu opened in the first screenshot masks it, but do not forget to use the Create Audio Track option for the After Export setting.

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