split stereo track to mono


is there a fast way to split a stereo track to two mono tracks?
for fast way I mean something like “split into mono” in pro tools…one click and you are done.
currently the only way I found in C7 is to export and then import again, so bothering.


I did not find anything in the manual. I cannot believe that such a “basic” thing is missing.

That’s it. Of course you don’t have to manually import it, since you can set up the import in the export dialog.

Get Nuendo.

I’m so disappointed. Imagine this scenario. You import a project with 50-70 tracks where some of them are stereo (keyboards, OH, some fx, and so forth). At some point in the mixing you realize the it would be better to split a stereo track (where you have already spent time to clean it and so forth) to mono tracks for some reasons. It’s simply unreliable that I should re-import it.

So, are you suggesting that somebody should pay three times the cost of Cubase to get Nuendo just for this very basic function? Come on…

Is there a reason why they did not implement this basic operation in Cubase too?

Whoa. That’s a lot o’complainin’.

How about checking Channel Batch Export? Have you looked at that?

Thank you for the suggestion Steve, I will take a look at it.
However, we are talking about workarounds here. The problem is still there. I am new to Cubase (I come from other DAWs), so it’s for me so unnatural to figure out another way to perform such an easy thing…

I hear you. This looks like one of the features SB uses to differentiate nuendo.