Split Systems in Dorico?

Hi Dorico community! I am currently a Sibelius user. I recently started the Dorico 60 day trial. I am trying to find every reason to leave Sibelius and avid all together. I understand learning a notation program can take a long time. As of now I am way faster in Sibelius. I’m also running into little things I can’t figure out. Is there a way to do a split system in Dorico? I mainly using Sibelius to write out lesson sheets for my students and do split systems on my sheets a lot. I’ll include an example on this post. This community is amazing. Every time I ask a question here a lot of people chime in.
8th Note Kick Grooves 2023 NEW (Simple).pdf (30.7 KB)

This question has been answered now, right?

One solution would be to draw music frames on the template page and put a System or Frame break for each bar.

You can number the samples using plain text or bar numbers.

Perhaps some clever use of Flow could also be used, but this kind of layout in Dorico is not my “forte” so maybe @dan_kreider has better advice.

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I have just found that frames like this, while incredibly flexible, can also be pretty fussy. In my opinion it’s usually much easier to do hidden codas, provided you don’t run up against some limitations of what you want to do.

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Hi @mattpower , as a Dorico exercise for myself I made an example following your PDF using the method suggested by @dan_kreider
You can have a look, maybe can be of some help. (some manually adjustments were needed but all very fast doable).
grooves exercises.dorico (1.3 MB)

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