Split Tool Beginner Question

I use the Split tool to chop off parts of events that I don’t need, but if I then drag the bottom right corner of the event, then I see that everything I thought I’d deleted is actually still there.
I can see the use of that functionality, but how can I actually delete parts of the event?

Many thanks in advance. I’m sure i’m missing something obvious!


Using Cubase Artist 9.5 in Windows 10.

That tool is non-destructive so you still have the original file.

If you really want/need to delete stuff you will have to create a new file from the edited one. You could use the “Render In Place” or “Mixdown” functions for that.

Regards :sunglasses:

Ok, thanks:-)

Or use Audio -> Bounce Selection.

I don´t use the sissor tool at all.
better way ist to use ALT"
with htis you can = Cut, copy, draw… (it´s an Multi Tool!)

Many thanks. Bounce and Alt click work well. Thanks for the info