Split track - add cancel


I really don’t like the split option in Nuendo. I think (not sure) that PT does it way better where spliting a audio file can be “logic” creating 2monos from a stereo but not actually creating 2 mono files on HD but just reading L or R from the original stereo (right?)
Anyway I use mono for my movie editing so how ever I don’t like how Nuendo does it (also you can’t split just one event you have to split all track) I have a dedicated stereo track called “splitter” that I use to split my files.
But using split view I sometime have 2 tracks selected when i do my split
shortcut and end up with an entire 1h20 track beeing splited for nothing :triumph: And I’m not sure that when you undo that process the files created in this split are not deleted ?

Anyway, upgrading this all split combine system would be good, and if not at least add a “cancel” button on the split processing window to avoid waiting 30sec so a wrong split order is complete.