Split track in midi

No idea why this is going on…

… strange one. Can you still reproduce it? Can you select the “Trpt Chorus” and make a screenshot about it? I want to see the attributes of the clips. Start, End, Length, Offset. Maybe I can reproduce it then …


let me check it tomorrow…, I might send you the song so you can do all you need,

Happened also to me when splitting dmx events, so it’s not only midi related.

Michael, The other thing I wanted to show you is when exporting a song and reimporting in a new project (load song) the layers of the original song are all there, however the links to the layers are lost… check pic

Michael, sent you the song … check pm

… thank you for the project, @Pieffe. We could reproduce the problem and it’s fixed now. Please re-try with the next version and/or let us know when the problem returns.