Split tuplets?

Hello, I am working on “Yo Shakespeare” by Michael Gordon and one of the patterns he uses is a succession of 4 eighth notes and 4 triplet quarter notes, as follows:

The second time this pattern is repeated, it doesn’t line up with the beat, and the whole pattern re-aligns with the main pulse after 3 repetitions.

Is there a way to write this in Dorico, i.e. write 4 triplets quarter notes in a row and then get out of the triplet?

You have to be extremely careful with the rhythm value selected when you invoke the tuplet tool.
It is extremely easy to input those quarter triplets in Dorico. Enter note input mode (pressing enter or n), the caret will show. Put it where you want to write the tuplet.Select quarter value (6). Invoke tuplet tool (=). Input 3, enter. Enter your twelve Gs in a raw, the tuplet tool should not disable itself, unless you quit note entry mode or hit shift-=
You can also input only one tuplet, select it and repeat it three times pressing r three times.
That was for the quarters tuplets. You can do the same with eigths value on the other staff, it should give you the expected result. You have a property at the bottom panel to split/allow across barline (thanks Robby for the hint)
Hope it helps
[Edit] I totally misunderstood the question, please ignore my answer! Sorry!

The only way I could think of off the top of my head would be to enter (and hide) the time sign. as 6/6 and write the quarter triplets as normal quarters, and the 4=3 eights as ‘4:6’ tuplets. This will line things up, but you would have to fake the tuplet numbers and brackets with text (shift-x) …

How’s this? Massive fakery going on. The quavers in the second bar are a tuplet in a different voice. Hopefully the signposts will tell you what I’ve done; if not I can give you instructions.

This has the advantage I hope of being stable if you want to copy it and paste it. You might need to hide spurious rests if you do that - I haven’t tried it.
zip.zip (312 KB)

(By the way, I don’t think there’s a non-fake way of doing it at present.)

thanks guys, this is great!

I thought the insert mode would work for this kind of things: input 4 quarter notes, select them, insert mode, click on triplet
but it doesn’t seem to work that way for triplets, which is strange because it works for other rhythmic values

The problem is you can’t move the caret about to a point a third of the way through the triplet, or at least you can only do so within the context of the triplet, so even having chosen that place you can’t start entering normal quavers there.

I heard Daniel talk about a “tuplifying” tool in an interview sooner this year, so chances are we might welcome some changes in that area…