Split window - switch between not recognised

I use the split window in every project to hold my Marker and Arrangement tracks. Cubase doesn’t always recognise that you have clicked in the other pane and so - if you’re not careful - carries out the operation in both.

To try this:

  1. Split the Project Window (it’s the [/] button above the r-h scrollbar).
  2. In the split, create (e.g.) an Arranger track and create an event on it.
  3. Now go back to the lower pane and make sure you have a track and/or events selected in it. As if you had been working normally.
  4. Now select the event in the upper pane you just created and change its colour.

Any event selected in the lower window - or entire selected track if no events are selected - changes colour too. This happens with other commands too - such as delete! Thankfully, the changes in the lower pane can be undone with Ctrl-Z, leaving the changes in the upper pane. If you notice in time.

How many times has this caught me out?!

The only way I’ve found to guarantee that the action is only in the upper pane is by selecting the track (Arranger in this example) first.

Can this be addressed so that the pane last clicked in - whether on a track, event or empty space - become universally active and the other universally not.

Disaster awaits… :open_mouth:

Thank you,

I tried this and the events that I selected in the lower pane, REMAINED selected after selecting events in the upper pane. However, when I hit delete, only the selected events in the pane where the last selection was made were deleted. The color changing DID work as described by you. Tried a couple different times and ways to get the delete to work but couldn’t get it to. Bottom line is that I don’t think the items in the other pane should remain selected (unless you use CTRL or SHIFT).

Glad to hear it doesn’t do it with delete. I didn’t dare try it on what I was working on. But I think that it might have happened in the past, or maybe it was just the fear that if it does it for colour… Hard to believe this is the only parameter affected but you never know.

That’s the bottom line, alright. But you mentioning CTRL or SHIFT to multi-select reminds me of a further irritaion. If, say, you want to move a section and take its markers and Arrangement events (which I have in the top pane), you can indeed Select All in both panes, but only one of them will move, whether you drag or scroll the Start position.

Thanks for your support and correction,