Splitting a flow issue

Hello All, hope all is well.

I am trying to split my composition into two flows in order to change the notational preferences in the 2nd flow.
When doing that Dorico relates to the flows as a separate movements which is great usually but not in this case. Also some other notational instructions seems to be ignored.
How can I split a flow so that the next flow will be a seamless continuation of the one before it ( that is - 1 movement)?

Flows are separate spans of music. If you want to make two separate flows appear like one flow, you can do things like insert a bar number change at the start of the 2nd flow so it appears to continue straight through, and change the last barline in the first flow to a normal barline (so it doesn’t have a final barline at the end).

Depending on the notation options you want/need to set differently between the two parts of your piece, it could instead be simpler to keep it as one flow and override the notation options as and when required. If you can share a bit more about what exactly you want different, people might be able to offer advice and alternative options.

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I know that in the notational option there is a way to implement the 2nd Viennese school approach , as of the 3rd page ( & before) the music gets to be very chromatic ( although non serial ) so I thought using that method will be better. I think your idea is excellent though, I’ll try it.
Thanks very much. :slight_smile:

Hi Lillie again and thanks for all the help.
just to say…
I was able to follow your guidance and split the flow with continues bar numbers and a regular bar line at the end of the previous flow , however:

1). It is not possible - or so it seems - to connect the new flow seamlessly to the previous one ( move to prev. sys. ) so there is a break in the music.
*) for flows allowed to be added on the same page I’d be expecting that to be possible…
2). The new flow is not aware of players existing and already assigned to the 1st flow and players are reassigned - I get the players name in the beginning of the new flow as if it was a new movement or a new piece… - and obviously if I delete them from the new flow the music is gone… :slight_smile: no players no music… :slight_smile: .
Is there a way around this? again I’d think that when flows are allowed to be added on the same page - they should be allowed by selection to inherit castings of previous flow…

Perhaps am to obsessives but it would be redundant to use full chromatic notation system in the beginning of the piece … so it would have been lovely to allow several notation systems to choose from in the flow it self - if possible…

Thanks again for our willingness and help, with respect - Rami.

It sounds like it would have been much easier to keep it all in one flow and manually hide all the unwanted accidentals.

You can allow flows on the same page as previous flows, but they can’t share the same system automatically, no. You could carefully draw in music frames to create this effect, but I’ll be honest and say that wouldn’t be my first choice.

Do you mean you have duplicate sets of players in Setup mode? In which case you can manually consolidate the music so it all belongs to the required players only. Or are you primarily talking about the next point –

It is a new movement now it’s a separate flow :wink: you can control staff labels throughout a layout in Layout Options, and you can control them at specific points using system/frame breaks. (Never delete an instrument’s names to hide staff labels! If for no other reason than you still end up with a little space at the start of each system.)

It really does sound like splitting this one, continuous stretch of music into separate flows might be causing more problems than it solves. You can hide/show accidentals regardless of the accidental duration rule in place: maybe instead make it all one flow, with the accidental rule set to cover the majority, and overrides for the rest?

Thanks very much for your reply ~ I’ll try that :slight_smile: