Splitting a long note (visually) without affecting playback

Visual versus playback issue

As far as I can see, the only way to stop Dorico retriggering multiple notes with ties is to extend the note with CMD-SHFT- > which makes one long note. All good.

However, sometimes the extended note needs to be broken up like this:
split notes 2

whereas Dorico generates this:
split notes 1

I haven’t found a way to get around this.

Not sure if there is any solution - perhaps if the playback system saw tied notes as 1 long note all these issues would disappear.

If I have missed something here, any help wold be appreciated.

You need to force duration on the first quaver, then extend it.

Richard is asking for the opposite. To get that, enter the eighth separately and force its duration before tieing it to the quarter(s).

Note that the first screenshot shows a slur where you said you want a tie.

Hi Janus,

Thanks for the response. I totally get that and you really helped out by responding with this tip a few weeks ago which has been a real help.

Reminding me to do force duration first solved the problem in this instance.

There is still one issue that I haven’t been able to resolve which is around beaming.

Once you use Force Duration, you can’t have the first bit of the note belong to one beam group and the second to another?

In the example below which is a 9/8 bar I want the semiquavers in groups of 3, but the only way I could get that to work was to suppress playback on the 2nd part of the tied Ab. If you go down the Forced Duration route, Dorico does it but beams all 6 notes together.

9-8 example

Hi Mark,

Great. That solves the problem with the beaming (see below post to Janus) too. Thank you both.

Hi Janus,

Mark (above) solved this beaming problem for me.

Thank you both.

You can change any beaming to whatever you like using right-click>beaming…

Thanks Janus,

I’m aware of that one. But it doesn’t work when it is displaying a long note across where you want to break the beam. But with a combination of what you have said and Mark’s points regarding ties I can now do all I need to. When a note is tied (so no re-triggering of the 2nd note on playback) Dorico sill recognises 2 notes so you can assign them each to a different beam group, but a note which has been extended is seen as a single note, so you can’t.

At least that is what it seems is happening.