Splitting a voice from a chord

I am splitting the lower notes of many chords into a separate voice by using the Filter to select the lowest notes, and then applying the V command. The stem directions adjust appropriately for files input directly into Dorico:

but not so for files input from MusXML:

so that I must adjust one of the voices with the F command.

Is this to be expected from MusXML imports, or am I missing something?

Hi @John_Ruggero

-first of all you can activate voice color in View menu (to have an overview of the voices attribution)
-also if you click on a note you will see in the bottom left part of the status bar the name and voice nr. of the note (it looks as in your imported xml you have both voices as stem up)
-you could select the bar/bars, filter so that only the lower notes are selected, then right click → Voices/Change voice/ and choose an appropriate voice and direction. There is also a neat shortcut in the Key Commands: search for Toggle voice direction in the Preferences/Key Commands, and apply a shortcut to it (I use command+VT)
-(in case there are some forced stem direction, you can always reset the stem direction clicking in an empty place on the bar to select it, then right click and choose Stems/Remove forced stem, instead of using F on one note at a time.)

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Make sure you’re changing the lower notes to a down-stem voice.

(V cycles through active voices on the staff, regardless of stem direction.)


@Christian_R @Lillie_Harris I’m sorry; my examples weren’t clear enough. Here is a different example.

Here is the way the MusXML import looks before the lower voice is split off. The chords are in the left hand in Upstem Voice 1 (green)

Here is the way it looks after the lower voice is split from the chord. The top voice is in Upstem Voice 1 and the bottom voice is in Downstem Voice 1:

I think the Dorico voices are in the right order, but the stem direction of the lower voice is wrong. I am wondering why that is.

Christian_R Thanks for the suggestions, which I will look into. I do use voice colors, but mistakenly turned it off to make the examples “clearer”. Big mistake.

If this was an XML import, the XML may have defined the stems as up-stems even though Dorico has put them in a down-stem voice. See if Reset Appearances can help.

Here’s info about resetting forced stem directions:

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@Lillie_Harris That did it! Thank you very much. I’ll rig a keyboard command for that. Another one of those things I hesitate to ask about, but then I am very glad I did!

@Derrek I am guessing that what you said about the XML may be the case, but Reset Appearances didn’t correct it.

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