splitting a whole-note rest


I have a bar in 2/4 and I would like to split a whole-note rest in order to put of fermata on the first quarter-note rest.

How can achieve this?

Thank you,


  1. Enter any quarter note on the second beat of your 2/4 bar and this will give rise to a quarter rest on the first beat.
  2. Attach a fermata to the rest.
  3. Force duration on the first beat.
  4. Delete the note from the second beat and it will then go to a rest.

(There may be a faster way of doing this but this at least works for me.)

  1. Set the caret at the start of the measure.
  2. Hit O to turn on Force Duration.
  3. Hit , to turn on Rest Entry.
  4. Hit 6 to set the rhythmic value to a quarter/crotchet.
  5. Hit Y to enter the rest.

Thank you both, Mike and Pianoleo.

You solved my problem.

Happy Hollidays !