Splitting and copying midi events without losing the original midi data

Okay, this is a problem that bugs me for quite some time now and it destroys my workflow when composing. I hope the explanation below is clear enough for you to understand the problem.

Just as most of us I compose with midi. But I compose in such a way that I don’t quantasize. I like to maintain the live feel and therefor I have midi notes that start just a bit before the start of, for example, a new bar.
When I split an audio/midi file from bar 2 to bar 3 I would miss the notes that start just before bar 2.
With audio files I can enlarge the front of the audio file and retrieve the missing notes on their correct position. With midi events this seems impossible in Cubase. When I enlarge the beginning of the midi part the original notes are vanished. Copying and arranging entire passages with multiple midi instruments is an almost impossible task. I tried all the settings under the midi preferences but there is no way to retrieve the original notes from the original midi event. When I enlarge the front of the event the notes won’t show up.

I know in logic this is not a problem at all.
Is there a solution for this?

Please let me know


Well, you could set your snap granularity to, say, a quarter note, and cut those MIDI parts not exactly at, say, bar 2, but a quarter note before that to capture those notes that are a tad before the beginning of the part.

I can’t help you, but it’s an annoying problem for me too. it would be very nice if Cubase allowed you to treat the Midi tracks exactly like the audio, in the sense that if you “unroll” the take backwards or forwards it shows the previous / next material as in the audio events … I find it an intelligent feature request!


Thanx for the replies!
I am working the way you are suggesting. But with lots of different tracks it is a mad task. Simply because other midi events will be cut as well so these will be missing their end.
Like Italyuser states, midi events should operate as audio files. It will be a huge improvement in workflow when Steinberg is able to solve this issue.

This would be one of the biggest improvements if they manage to fix this. For sure

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+1, Voted!

I see your point, and I agree that this would be a nice feature! You should add the #feature-request tag to your post so that it formally gets Steinberg’s attention.


Thnx Timo, but how do I add this? I see no edit function to alter my post.
Sorry, I seem to be getting old


If you go to your post, you should see a pencil next to its title, like so:

If you click on that, you can add tags like feature-request.

It’s possible that, if you’re an occasional/new user of this forum, this functionality isn’t enabled for you, but I’ll let somebody else who understands the innards of this forum software better comment on that.