Splitting Beams

Dorico writes beams over rests, even though I clicked “break beams at rest” in the Notations Options. Also, when I try to click "split beams in Edit - Notations - Beaming, Dorico does not do that. It does some wired flipping of the stems, and some funny grouping of eights notes, but not what I would want it to do - split the beam when a rest comes. It even splits a beam over rests in the violins, only to beam as before, a split second later. How can I solve this problem?

Try this option:

Is the piece in 3/4? Try the corresponding Option (the Screenshot Shows the Option for 4/4).

Thank you, @Juerg_Loeffler ! It helped for the most part. Only one bar remains as it is.

Quite mysterious!

Thank you @derKirchenmusiker , it has changing meters, but the bar in question is actually in 3/4. Where can I find the corresponding option?

Strange indeed. Have you selected all relevant Flows in the right zone of the Notation Options? As you surely know you can manually split the beam: Edit > Notations > Beaming > Split Beam (or by right-clicking ).

Have you tried resetting beaming to make sure there aren’t any overrides that are overruling the Notation Options you’ve set?

Select the offending phrases, then choose Edit > Notations > Beaming > Reset Beaming (or phrasing to that effect)