Splitting clip in WL9.5 causes big drop out (Mac)


Placed a plugin (Equilibrium) at clip level and plays back fine. Split the clip and there is now a big drop out every time the montage plays where the split occurs. Same montage plays back fine in WL9.1. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

It may help to post more about your Equilibrium settings. I know that Equilibrium and other DMG plugins have settings that can induce some very large latencies and I’m guessing that related to the problem.

Perhaps for testing, try a very low latency configuration of Equilibrium and go from there.

Does the file render OK or does that also have a glitch at the split point?

Thanks for the reply Justin and apologies for lack of detail. I’ve tried all modes including zero latency and I get the same problem. The glitch also gets rendered. Loading the same montage in WL9.1 has no issues so something has changed in 9.5 to cause the problem. Weirdly, the issue only occurs if Equilibrium is the only or last plugin. Inserting a plugin after makes the problem disappear. So Equilibrium can’t be completely faultless and its performance in Wavelab isn’t 100% robust.

Interesting. If it’s any clue, I had an issue with DMG Limitless where the first roughly 75ms of audio was faded in on rendering but if another plugin was before it, there was no problem.

It was a sensitive issue that DMG ended up solving in an update.

If you render the whole montage, can you see still see an audio disturbance in the resulting audio file?