Splitting flow troubles

I just did split a flow (Write > Split Flow). The result was that the Bass voice part moved to the 1st Vn, the 1st Vn moved to 2nd Vn, 2nd Vn moved to Vla, and so on. There didn’t seem to be any clear logic in this, for a piano part lay between the voices and the strings.
Does anyone have any idea why this might have occurred?

No, I’m afraid not. Please attach the original project, zipped up, along with information about the point at which you split the flow, so we can take a look.

Thank you to Daniel for his kind offer of having a look at this file zipped up. The file is big: 32 flows. I’ve found that when I extract the relevant flow, it splits just fine, so the above-mentioned splitting problem must be something to do with the global set up. I’ve also found that the best way to solve my problem may be with divisi rather than a new flow. So I don’t need to send the file on unless Daniel wants it to find out if this is a bug issue. Btw it’s 7.5 MB with playback disabled.

It would probably be worth me taking a look, so please email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de, together with details of where to perform the split to reproduce the problem.