Splitting four controllers into two tracks

This is something I’d like to solve for a live performance, but I haven’t found a way yet.

I have two midi tracks set to different midi channels. Using monitor or rec enable I play them at the same time. I have two keyboards and two pad controllers. I use the pad controllers to switch articulation and the keyboards to play. I want one keyboard and one pad control for each track. I can set to “all midi” but then all controllers affect everything. I can set the input to an individual keyboard but then the pad control is excluded from the track. Is there a way to do this? I’m thinking it might need transformer, or input transformer, but I’m not clever enough to figure these out - I can see (sort of) how they work, but the relevant commands elude me.
Yes I know cubase is probably not the best tool for live performance, but can anybody help me?


Does the pad sends the MIDI signal on other MIDI Port then the Keyboard (of the same HW)? Or does it share the same MIDI Port?

  1. You can setup, what “All MIDI Inputs” mean. So here you could set all MIDI Inputs but the one you want to exclude.

  2. Or use the MIDI Input transformer, as you said. Here, if I do understand your use case, I would set something like:
    Message Is Equal to MIDI Note and
    Pitch is Less then X (where X is your highest articulation Note + 1)
    => Filter Out.

This I would use on the track, where you don’t want to send the Articulation data.

Thanks for the reply Martin, but I haven’t explained well enough, I’ll try to simplify a little.
I have a studio with several keyboard and pad controllers all of which usually show in “all midi”. I can assign a single unique controller to a midi track - easy.
I want to assign two controllers at the same time to an individual midi track (track one), but so they will not affect any other track that has its record or monitor function enabled (track 2 set to “all midi” input) ?

Do I understand you correct now? You want this:

  • Track 1: Input from two dedicated sources.
  • Track 2: All Inputs (included the dedicated sources?)

Solution in Cubase:

  • Set the two dedicated sources so they sent the data on a dedicated MIDI Channel(s). Then you can filter out all date which don’t come on the dedicated MIDI Channel(s) on Track 1. On Track 2 you wouldn’t filter any data.

3rd party solution:

  • Use any MIDI Patchbay software.

I couldn’t make any sense of this using the input transformer - until I found the nearly invisible power button on the module tab that has to be clicked.
Now it works they way I want it to.
Thank you for your help Martin