Splitting lyrics: words into syllables

Is it possible to edit a lyric, splitting a word that was placed under a single note into two syllables?

When I double-click the word, I get the popover, but if I insert a hyphen at the place between the syllables, Dorico places the hyphen at the end of the word instead, connecting the entire word to the next one.

It seems I have to remove the second syllable, press hyphen, and then re-enter the syllable under the following note. Is that the only way? Wouldn’t it make sense to make the hyphen “aware” of whether it’s placed at the end or in the middle of a word and change the behavior accordingly? (At least if the following note doesn’t have an associated lyric syllable of its own - not sure what the expected behaviour would be if it did…)

It is the only way for now, but I like your idea and we will consider this as a future enhancement.