Splitting midi items plus their contents?

Hi is there a way if I split , an 8 bar pattern which contains big sustains in it, to split the midi notes too? Because right now the notes remain big extending out of the midi clip. For example you have a big chord pad which is 8 bars long, but you want to make it in half.

Is there a way to do this? It would be so helpful!

Thanks a lot!


If I understand right your use case, then this is not possible. You wouldn’t need to split the MIDI Notes in the Key Editor beforehand.

Thanks! sounds discouraging . I come from Reaper where when you split a midi itme, it splits the midi notes too. Instead of keeping the old ones. While Cubase if you split an 8bar sustain pad in half, you have to go in it and shorten it yourself.
Many things in Cubase need to be customizable. I think they have so much software to take care off and seems they get lost at supporting it… You can’t even contact Steinberg. Very very discouraging


Customisability is domain of Reaper. Cubase is different.

You can contact Steinberg via your MySteinberg account.

You can absolutely do this. In fact I have a key command that switches between the two functions as sometimes its useful to not have the midi cut with the region.

Go to Preferences, Editing, Midi, and turn on “Split MIDI Events”.

You can also turn on “Split MIDI controllers” which will do the same for any CC data you have.

Oh wow, nice! Thank you.