Splitting Primary Beams

This might be obvious to most of you, but I was trying to split a PRIMARY beam to show a different beat group from the time signature. The only way I could figure it out was to change the meter (Shift M) and write 3+3+2/8 in the box, go to the next bar and return the meter to 4/4, and then hide both time signatures in Engrave mode. I was impressed with the intuitive aspect of this once I applied the logic. Hopefully though, there will be a way to do this that is as easy as splitting secondary beams.

Have you tried the simple path (useful if you do not have to write a whole page of these rhythms) ?
In Write mode, select the notes you want to be beamed together, Ctrl-click and Beam together (or in the Edit menu, Beaming—>Beam together). Hope it helps !
I created a shortcut for beaming (cmd-b) and for breaking beams (alt-b) which I find very useful…

The way via Script + Shortcut is really fine - many thanks! Nevertheless in the beam-menu below the screen there should be a second button besides “Split secondary beam” - that would make things easier and should not be too complicated?

EDIT: added shortcut for beamtogether as Cntrl+B, and unbeam as Alt+B. speeds things up a bit. still would be nice to have an option for how dorico beams based on rhythmic values.

is there an easier way than selecting notes>edit>beaming>beam together?
I am copying a page of a whole orchestra from a section of mars by G.holst where half the instruments are playing 16th notes for 2 bars. Dorico automatically beams together 12 notes at a time (5/4 sign.) so i have to do maybe 10 minutes of just editing the beaming.

is there no option to simply change the deafult beam grouping to different rhythmic values? E.g. beam 16th notes in groups of quarter note value?

Are you defining the groupings when entering the time signature, as mention in the first post of this thread?
Have you already exhausted the (admittedly incomplete) list of options at Notation Options > Beam Grouping?