Splitting rest

I am trying to split the semibreve rest in bar 3 into two minim rests so I can place a fermata over both.
I have followed the instruction of enabling rest input, selecting force duration and then using ‘Y’ to input the rests but nothing happens.

I have also tried inputting minim notes, adding fermata’s and then deleting the notes, however this results in Dorico returning the rest to a semibreve.

Am I missing something silly here?

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It works for me:

Enter Note Entry mode.

Press comma O 7

Press Y.

Thanks benwiggy.

I don’t know what is going on - I can see the carat moving as I input the rests, so it seems like it is trying to do it, but nothing is appearing. V. Strange.


you could try this:
Make sure you are in Play Mode.
Place the Note Input caret into the middle of bar 3. Then type Shift-R followed by “fer” and confirm with Enter.

Don’t suppose you could do a quick video, so we can what you’re doing?

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When you’re inputting rests, make sure Force Duration (the clamp button on the left) is activated. Otherwise, Dorico will automatically merge rests (as Dorico uses implicit rests to fill in the gaps between notes, essentially, so any pattern of rests outside of that situation needs to be forced).

Percussion kit rests do work a little differently than for pitched instruments, though.