Splitting selected notes in 2022 impossible

Do we really still don’t have note split function?
Last feature description was two years back and it was this (by @Rob_Tuley):

  • Select the 8th notes
  • Hit 4 to change them to 16th notes and 16 rests
  • Ctrl-C
  • Press Q for chord mode
  • Select the first 16th-rest and Ctrl-V

It was in 2019. We all know that live on Earth was stopped at that time. But no, everything is still running forward and some little needs have been forgotten.
I would say that on a paper we have nice note split feature. Yes, on a paper - so if you have a bar of half note, 4th note and two 8th notes, then you can fill half note and it becomes 4th note, then draw the same on the right of it, then take next note - 4th note and draw a flag, it becomes 8th note, then draw the same on the right of it, then do similar tasks of all next notes.
Tell me, WHAT IS IMPOSSIBLE in computer era, if on a paper it is simple and clear?
Is it so hard to split selected events in half even they have different length?

Here is the link to a post from 2019 - Splitting notes

I can help your programmers!

  1. Make a loop for operating on selected notes;
  2. Take one note and divide by 2 its length;
  3. Copy the same shortened note to the position right after the end of original note;
  4. Loop until end of selection.

Hire me! :wink:

Put the caret where you would like the note to split and press “u”

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I can’t speak for everyone, of course, but personally, I’m not sure I would actually need this specific feature so badly. Besides that, it’s not so hard to achieve with the tools we already have.
This is how I would do it: select the note to be split (say, a 4th), hit the number corresponding to half its value (in this case, 5), then hit R for repeat.
Alternatively (and even more versatile): invoke the caret, choose a suitable value for the rhythmic grid, move the caret along the music, and hit U (untie) wherever you want to split a longer note into smaller values. (U works also on notes that aren’t actually shown as tied.)
I admit, this doesn’t work automatically for an extended passage, and then, it may be a lot of work. But do we really need this function all the time? What is your use case? If you have lots of music where you need to subdivide 8ths into 16ths, you might think of constructing a macro for this purpose.
edit: Edd beat me!


Come to think of it - I didn’t fully tumble the OP’s meaning - if you’re asking for an automatic way to split something in half, or into pre-determined rhythmic values, this would be a pretty cool feature (albeit fairly niche in application).

You can as I say hit u anywhere in a note, and if you choose your rhythmic value (dotted quaver, say) it’s just a case of advancing the caret after each snip (using right arrow). I can also select multiple staves by increasing the size of the caret (shift up/down) to do multiple instruments at once.

Apart from that - this is something for the API when it finally comes along - it would make a pretty cool plugin.

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Select passage. Press I. Write>Edit Duration>Halve note duration.
(Now even easier on D4 as you can limit the action of the insert)
Or am I misunderstanding?


Oh yes what @janus says too. And don’t forget To Jump to it!

I agree that a function to split notes into sub-durations would be useful.

But could we cut the faux-humorous lecturing? There seems to have been an influx of entitled posturing on this forum and elsewhere since the release of D4 – on which the team worked very hard, and I think we’re all grateful for the results.

Of course, we all have more that we want to see added. But feigning outrage because it didn’t make the cut doesn’t help.

A great many of the features in D4 were direct fulfilments of user requests. So ask nicely, and leave it at that. They’ll get around to it.


Yeah, pay three times $99.99 to get one little feature included?

So if I need to change 32 bars from 4th notes to 8th notes, I can travel through 128 notes and press “u” in the middle of every note. Nice! Thank you! :smiley:

This seems pretty quick to me.

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Ah so that is what you want to do. Looks like @pianoleo has the answer as per :slight_smile:

I actually don’t really understand the question. The original post lays out these steps. They seem to work correctly, so I’m not sure what it is that’s impossible.


I can do it in one fewer steps - alt-click :slight_smile:

Also though - I can think of a graphical way…

Edit - come to think of it, doing it by pencil takes way longer…

@pianoleo Sorry for the potentially dumb question… but it’s just copy/pasting the same notes into the rests, right?


  1. in the first bar Select the half note.

  2. from then script menu select start recording macro.

  3. press I to activate insert mode.

  4. press 6

  5. press R

  6. Move the selection to the next note

  7. press 5

  8. press R

  9. move the selection to the next two notes

  10. press 4

  11. press R

  12. press I to exit insert mode

  13. from then script menu select stop recording macro.

  14. select the half note in the next bar

  15. from the script menu select user macro or use a shortcut to run the last script.

  16. Repeat number 14 and 15 30 times.

Splitting notes macro

In fact, you can just select a minim, press 5 to change it to a quaver, and then press RRR, without Insert mode.

If you want help, Arthur, stop behaving like a teenager.


I tried Alt+Click, but the result is very irrelevant to the need. It almost always give different result.

Recorded macro will work if the pattern of all 32 bars is identical.

Where I was asking for help? I stated the fact that splitting selected notes in 2022 is still impossible. So stop behaving like a teenager!

I think that ArthurNeeman behavior is not appropriate,
but I wish that more obvious functions on a DAW would come on Dorico.
For this one is about multi-split midi notes with one click.
In Logic, you select the scissor tool and Option-click on the midi notes.
Multi Split Logic

The existing scissor functionality in Dorico is much more musically useful in terms of score writing than this example. You can split notes or un-tie at any specific position – on multiple adjacent staves if desired – with razor precision. Dorico is not a DAW. I would never think to make an 8-bar-long note into 64 eighth notes in one command. It’s perfectly easy to write that in Dorico as it is.