Splitting signal from the UR 12 to both a mixer and iPhone video recording

Does the Steinberg UR 12 need external power for this set-up? I send digital out to iPhone video recording and analog to my (powered) Yamaha mixer.
(I do video mixing later.) The Audio Technic mic is rated Phantom DC11-52V.

Note This site says I can upload a .jpeg, but it’s not letting me upload my diagram!

I fail to understand the question? Do you what to use the UR12 connected via USB to an iPhone? If that is possible (I thoguht it was only iPads) then yes you will need an external power supply to run the UR12, and to get your mic to work you need to activate the 48V switch on the back of the UR12.

Thanks, Strummer. The site wouldn’t let me upload my diagram, even though there’s an icon for uploading a picture in the UI. Go figure. Sorry for the confusion

Hi arnbar
No problem!
Is my guess och the description of your system correct? Do you still have problems?

I pulled the trigger and bought the UR12 on Amazon. Also that Apple cable. It comes in a few days. Then I’ll give it a try. Thanks!