Splitting treble Clef recording into Treble and Bass for Piano

Hello, I’ve been recording stepwise from a full size midi keyboard into Dorico on iPad. This is all ending up on the Treble Clef. I’m new to this and am really struggling to see how you can move the obviously low notes to the Bass clef? I realise that I should do each hand separately, but I prefer the feel of just playing stepwise and just changing durations every so often as I go.

In the top left corner on the secondary toolbar there are four arrows. The left and right ones move along the rhythmic grid and the up and down ones move up and down a stave at a time.

Thanks, been looking at this, but to retrospectively move the lower treble notes to the bass clef, am I missing some automatic way to do this - e.g. all notes below middle C?

If you’re using MIDI recording then Dorico will automatically split at middle C. If you’re using step input then no such automated functionality exists.

To do it retrospectively it’s probably easiest to drag a marquee selection around the notes you want to shift, then (if you have a QWERTY keyboard) Alt/Opt-/M and Alt/Opt-N will move the notes up or down, or the context menu (…) > Paste Special > Move to Staff Above/Below.

Thanks for that. I’ll try this system with Dorico on Mac, probably easier than my iPaD!