Splitting Tuplets

Hi there,

When I add a meter change that causes a tuplet to be split over a barline, I would like to be able to delete either one of the two ‘child’ tuplets without destroying the other one.

Check out the two images I’ve attached:

In the first, the 8th-note triplet on the and of beat 3 looks normal enough.
But when I change the meter to 6/8, causing the triplet to split over the barline, I’m left with a confusing 16th-note triplet at the end of the bar.

I would prefer that this triplet be replaced by a normal 8th-note, and then incorporated into the preceding quarter-note.
But I cannot select the 16th-note triplet at the end of the first bar without also selecting the one at the beginning of the next.

Is there any workaround for this, short of deleting everything and writing them anew?
It would be helpful to have a ‘split tuplet’ feature nestled away in some menu!


Unfortunately there’s no way to delete one without the other at the moment: under the hood, Dorico still thinks of that as a single tuplet, because it can recombine it into a single tuplet in the event that the barline no longer interrupts the notes. I agree that there are situations in which it would be helpful to be able to delete only half of the tuplet, and also that a “split tuplet” feature more generally would be useful.

Cool. Thanks for registering my request!