Splitting Voices into divisi staves?

Hello, sorry in advance if this is obvious and I’m just not geting it! I’ve written a part for violins that uses up voice 1 and down voice 1 for divisi notes. At some point, when the divisi gets quite extensive, I want to split into a separate divisi staff for each voice. When I created the divisi staves, I was hoping that the down voice parts would magically jump onto the lower staff, but that didn’t happen. Is there a way I can do that? Thank you!

Edit → Filter → Voices → All downstem voices ->alt+M = move to staff below.


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You can find various ways of moving material around in the Arranging tools section of the manual, including @jesele’s helpful recommendation of moving selected notes/items to the staff below.

You could also write entirely in divis and use condensing in the part layout to create multiple voices on one stuff. The upside: you are free with system breaks or changes afterwards.