spoken word help.

Hello: I am a newbie voice over actor who has gotten a copy of AI due to my buying the UR22 audio interface.
My methodology is to use one track to record upwards of 10 takes of the project and then cut and paste the best bits into one cohesive voice over track. There is no music anywhere.

I am recording fine. I am able to go through and cut out " events" I would like to use to cobble together the finished track. However when I get to cleaning up the events in Sample editor, I run into problems.

I can clean up each event the way I want them, I cannot however get the changes to save in the new track I’ve created. When I play from the main board… I get the original with all pops and clicks still playing. This is after I’ve heard it all cleaned up in the Sample editor. Frustrating to say the least!.

I’m sure its a simple thing, but I can’t find it… can anyone help.
Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome,

If you are recording in a loop and different takes (lanes) are created, one long file is created, in fact. So you get one file with takes one after other.

So it might be, you are editing another part of the file, from different take, which is not used.

In Cubase Pro, you can use Render In Place to get one result file from your takes and cuts. Then you can ocenit in the Sample Editor and edit it. This option is not available in Cubase AI, same there is no option to record a signal from one track to another one via virtual bus.

So you have to be carefull while editing. What kind of edits do you do in the Sample Editor?

Waht doe you mean by “when i play from the mainboard”?

Cubase works non destructive. To create a nbew filr use “Bounce selection” which will noe include any insert or send FX, but edits, or “export audio mixdown”