Spontaneous crashes

Fired up N10 this morning. It opened and I picked the most recent project and hit enter. Nuendo just vanished from the screen! :flushed: Started it again and this time it opened. I opened my project and started working. I recorded one track. I went to the next track to prep for recording and it vanished again. :scream: It went totally back to the desktop. WTH?

Anybody else have this happen? How do you make it stop?

Were crash logs generated?

Aside from that, the 1st step of troubleshooting is using Nuendo Safe Mode.

Where do you look for the crash logs. I’m getting nothing from my searches.

I ran the REPAIR MODE on Nuendo and that seems to have solved the problem. I’d still like to know where the Crash Logs are stored. :thinking:

Hi Keyplayer,
It seems you have a ton of issues with your rig.

Mind if I ask?

How old is your system drive? Typically it is good to replace those every 3 years maximum, in order to avoid crashes and other unexpected problems, some of which as similar to what you describe.

Also, running a maintenance app on your operating system drive occasionally will help as well. Do you have something like that?


It went a full week with no problems. Then the range tool started acting strange. I selected a track. Then selected No. 2 to activate the range tool and, while it opened, it closed all of the tracks on the screen and dropped me down to the next track! No idea what that’s about and it’s been intermittent, thus making it hard to track. Key Command folder shows only the number 2 as the command. It’s not doing that in N11. So, I don’t know why it’s doing this in N10.

Then last night, it did that disappear from the screen crash again. This time it gave me the Program Error warning for about one second before it disappeared. No issues after re-starting the program. I found the crash dumps folder and it was logged. What kind of app do I need to read".DMP Files?" I’d like to get to the bottom of this.

Nuendo 1.0 - 11 |VST Studio Connect Pro 5| Windows 10 Pro | Intel i9 - 9900K CPU @ 3.60 | 64-bit OS | 32GB of RAM |RME HDSPe RayDAT | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Video Card | Euphonix MC Control, 2 Mix & Transport | Xkeys | iConnectivity mi10 MIDI Interface | UAD-2 Octo Core with UAD-1 Legacy Ultra Pak | Isotope RX8 | Melodyne 3.2 | Voxengo Plugins | Real Guitar | B4 II | EZ Drummer | Drumagog 4 | Virtual Guitarist 2 | Korg, Roland, Kurzweil Synths | Apogee Big Ben | 32 Channel Panasonic DA-7 desk | Equator D5 (5.1) & Mackie 824 (St.) monitors | VS-1680 & 880 HDR’s |

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Thanks. Should I get the Debugger or Debugger Preview app?

Not in front of my rig now …
During restart of Nuendo (after a crash) you are asked how you want to re-start the application.
In that window, there is a link to the dumpfile.


Thanks, I’d already found the crash dumps folder and the specific crash in question. That’s why I was asking about a way to read the report.

I got the debugger preview app, as advised by the PC’s builder. But, not being a developer, it’s not really offering me any non-coded information that I can understand as a particular cause.

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You could post the crash dump here. Cheers.

Or open a ticket @ support.

Hi Keyplayer,

Thanks for posting your entire rig specs. However, my questions was, and still is:

How old is your operating system hard drive? As in, the drive itself. Physically, how old is it?

Also, have you done any operating system maintenance to this rig? As in, cleaning up operating system issues, such as file fragmentation, clearing up cache files, etc.


Less than a year old. The entire PC was rebuilt from the MOBO, up in Oct. of 2020. It gets defragged regularly.

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Do you have SSD drives? I understand that they should not be defragged.

The OS drive is an SSD drive. Why shouldn’t they be defragged?

I’ve heard from more than one source that SSD’s should never be defragged. A disk cleanup is fine, but never a defrag.

This may be your problem.

Maybe Google it.


It’s odd that the guy who rebuilt the PC for me didn’t mention that! I have taken them out of the calendar for defragging. Thanks.

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HDDs benefit from defragging because (as I understand) it rearranges files on the drives to make sure the data can be read contiguously, which saves the read head time spent searching around the disk. SDDs don’t have that issue because they don’t have a physical read head, so defragging makes no difference to them (and actually wears the drive out quicker because you’re doing a bunch of unnecessary writes)

This is an outside shot but have you run memtest on your RAM recently? (https://www.memtest86.com/). When memory starts failing it can cause all sorts of really random errors. Very unlikely in this case but worth testing just to rule it out.

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