Spontaneous Track List Selection Changes

Hello. This is my first post on the forum. My apologies in advance if my terminology is incorrect/vague, I forget to include important information, etc.

I’m experiencing spontaneous track list selection changes in Cubase 11 (with most recent update) while working on projects containing 5 or more tracks. I hope to get help from someone who has resolved a similar issue.

Here’s an everyday example of how this affects my workflow. Track 1 is selected and the channel editor window is open for the track. I know that the track is selected because it is highlighted in light gray in the track list, while the rest of the tracks are more of a charcoal gray. (Default preferences.) Then, while adjusting the parameters of track 1, the selection spontaneously changes to track 5. In the track list, track 5 is now highlighted in light gray and track 1 is now charcoal gray.

The spontaneous selection change is always to track 5. If I’m working on a project with fewer than 5 tracks? No problem.

Most of the time, I see the switch occur. I mutter obscenities, I reselect the intended track, the session continues. But sometimes I don’t see it. If I as much as blink my eyes when the switch occurs, suddenly, I’m EQing the synth lead instead of the kick drum. It’s wreaked havoc on plenty of mixes and it’s a nuisance to sort everything out, especially since I’m still learning how to use Cubase.

Noteworthy observations:

  1. Sometimes the phenomenon occurs in relatively short intervals of a minute or two, while other times it won’t happen but every ten minutes or longer.

  2. The phenomenon occurs even if I step away from the computer. For instance, I can open a project, select any track other than 5, then stand by, touching nothing. Sure enough, before long, I see the spontaneous track list selection change.

  3. My MIDI keyboard controller (Arturia Keylab 49 Essential) plays a role, but I’m not sure how. When I disconnect the USB cable from the Keylab, the phenomenon doesn’t occur.

I described the latter finding to Arturia support, who advised me to open “MIDI Console” ( a readout of all MIDI messages between the controller and computer) within their “MIDI Control Center” app . Nothing indicated a malfunction, so Arturia’s stance was “sorry, our product is working according to spec, can’t help you.”

I strongly prefer not to gamble away several hundred dollars on a different make/model keyboard controller in hopes of resolving the issue, but I’m stumped. If you think you know what’s going on, I’d love to hear from you. Thank you for your consideration.

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Do you use any hardware MIDI controller? I would double-check Studio > Studio Setup > Remote Devices. Make sure, all Remote Devices Inputs are set to Not Connected, please.

The Arturia could be configured wrong… inside Cubase…

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your response. Before a mixing session last night, I check Studio > Studio Setup > Remote Devices. Two out of three Input settings were “Not Connected”. A third one was not, so I changed it to match the others. I didn’t experience the issue. The downside is this setting deactivates the MIDI keyboard controller transport buttons, which I like using. Is the compromise unavoidable?


Which Remote Device did you change the MIDI Input for? Was our Mackie Control or HUI or anything else?

What hardware (MIDI Port) was set as an input, please?

Sorry it took so long to respond to your last post. As your first response went straight to my email, I assumed all others would as well. That was not the case.

Anyhow: Remote Devices > Mackie HUI > MIDI Input is what causes the issue. It was set to “Arturia Keylab Essential 49 DAW In”. I just verified by changing it back that on that setting, the transport controls are turned on, but the spontaneous track selection occurs.

I remember consulting with Arturia customer support when I purchased the keyboard controller and I vaguely remember them instructing me to make that configuration, so I never questioned it. Curious that they didn’t ask about it when I inquired the second time about this issue.

I’m a bit out of my depth with all the other MIDI I/O settings, so I don’t think I’ve tinkered with them much. Should I?