Spontaneous track renaming bug

I’ve recently encountered a strange random behavior with regard to track naming using Cubase Pro ver.

For reference, my system:

iMac 27" Retina (late 2015), 32GB RAM, OSX El Capitan (current version).

What is happening is that sporadically, a MIDI track will rename itself to “SysEx Data”. This happens even after a track has already been named. And what also happens is that when I change the name back to what it should be, the next track in the list will rename itself to “SysEx Data”. So I had to keep renaming until I reached the last MIDI track in the list. The corresponding fader channels were not affected.

Have fun tracking this one down, Steinberg!

I have exactly the same with Cubase 11. A large project mostly instrument tracks and midi tracks behaves very strange. It starts with license error popups when loading the project. then i need to restart several times until the popup stays away. Then, when finally loaded, i always see some tracks been renamed “sysex data”… Cubase is soooo buggy…

The license error popups are usually due to an outdated Steinberg USB key. If you have an older USB dongle, try getting a new one and transferring your licenses to it. The sysex bug has been a mystery to me for years. Especially because it re-writes the titles on an open Cubase session.

I am using a new USB dongle bought a couple of months ago. So that isn’t the problem. I keep getting these license popups and track renaming to sysex. It doesn’t make any sence to me… I also got a sound in halion3 that was completely changed. I, had to reload the sound to have it correct again… :frowning: