Sporadic bass drum rattle in midi

Hello there,

I am making a project that features a repetitive bass drum line. The track is just the bass drum by itself played through the Halion Sonic SE “SR Funk E Kit” that I’ve switched some sound and equalizer settings on, nothing major.

In measure 92, around 2:38 into the track, the sixth note of the repetitive bass drum sequence experiences a louder volume accompanied by a rattling sound. I perceive a minor delay in when the note hits. This happens 3 more times, so a total of 8 measures are affected, and then everything returns to normal. No effects or automation were applied to these 4 notes. I can’t understand why this wold be occurring if Cubase is simply reading off of a midi, let alone the same midi that’s been copied and pasted throughout the song.

I also noticed that the snare (acid jazz kit) has erratic volume tendencies, especially around faster parts. It’s not nearly as ear-shattering as that bass drum rattle, though.

Can anyone figure out what my problem might be?


Have you had a good look for things like double note or overlapping notes?