Sporadic crashing

Woohoo. Suddenly Dorico is crashing upon startup roughly half the time. When it does work, sometimes I get sound, sometimes not. When I’m not getting playback sound it seems to be because the VSTs aren’t receiving midi. I’ll attach a crash report folder thing. Here are some things I’ve tried, with no success:
-switching from my interface (Babyface Pro) to the build-in Realtek one
-opening a variety of projects
-updating various drivers
-unplugging midi keyboard
-unplugging another midi keyboard
-resetting playback overrides
-switching playback templates
-using Sib (works, along with other DAWs)

I dunno. Reinstall?

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (359.9 KB)

Hi John, thanks for the data.
This is a really weird one and I have no idea so far.

See, Dorico and the audio engine keep each the logs of the last 10 runs. When creating the diagnostics all those logs plus further data gets collected. Also included get crash files dating back 2 weeks.

Now, in your diagnostics no crash files are found. Second, there are 10 logs of the audio engine and they are all complete, i.e. the audio engine started and also was terminated the normal way. However, and this is the weird part, there are only 3 Dorico logs, namely from the runs 3, 8 and 10. And the logs are very short and say that Dorico can’t connect to the audio engine. But around that time we have successful runs of the audio engine, but not exactly at the same time, always shortly before or after.
And the most puzzling fact is, that so many Dorico logs are missing. So all this together makes it difficult to say something. It would be good if we could have a remote screen sharing session where you could show me what is happening and where we can check some things together.
If that is fine with you, please send me a private message via this board and we’ll sort the details.

One more thing. I see that you have Dorico 3.5.11, but there is a 3.5.12 available. There is no guarantee, but it’s worth trying the newer version and see how that goes.

Thanks Ulf. I updated and ran it a few times this morning with no luck. That diagnostic folder I sent might have been incomplete because I trashed it at some point. I’ve attached more. I’ll PM you about a screen sharing session.
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (359.0 KB) Dorico Diagnostics2.zip (369.5 KB)

No, still the same. Let’s have the remote session later.

Well, it’s a weird fix but it seems to work. I plugged my RME Babyface into a different USB port. Not even a fundamentally different port, like front of case vs back, 2.0 to 3.0…just from one to the other.

Maybe that port has different power management settings or something. Don’t know, but it works now. Thanks for the troubleshooting session @Ulf !