Sporadic double notes from midi styles

Hey, I’m using Cubase 10.5 with GA5 SE and in it i try to build a drum part from one of the included styles (The Kit i think) by setting up the style editor and then dragging the midi symbol to the arranger window, where it creates a midi part.

Thing is i get doubles in it. An ultra-short note followed by another with a proper length. They’re only a few ticks apart but because the first is literally just a nick of time long, there is a tiny gap between them, so Cubase functions like “delete doubles” or “delete overlaps” can’t see them.

Yet, they don’t sound like flams at all, they sound like good ol’ midi style flanger.

Perhaps i need to mention that i try to use every randomize function the style editor offers: intensity, fills, etc.

Any thoughts?

Hey, i think i solved it. It’s the Swing knob. Don’t use it, it’s buggy. Just leave it at zero.

Correction, it’s auto complexity. Which is kinda of a shame, i loved it.