sporadic failure with midi input

I’m using a small midi keyboard via USB to the computer and a separate ASIO box for audio. Dorico often finds my keyboard but often does not. There doesn’t seem to be any way to tell Dorico which midi device to use for input. Since it’s a sporadic thing I’d suspect my keyboard, but Sibelius always finds it.

All suggestions are welcome, thanks.

At startup Dorico scans for all available MIDI devices and accepts MIDI input from any of them, that’s why there is no UI for choosing a MIDI input device.
Is your MIDI keyboard always switched on or connected when you start Dorico? The scanning only takes place when starting but no anymore later.

The midi keyboard (Alesis V49) is always on. Does it make any difference that it’s connected via USB rather than midi cables?

Well, unlike the good old Atari ST from times long gone, PCs usually don’t have MIDI connectors, so some external audio interface (with MIDI) or other box is needed, and these external boxes in most cases also connect to the PC via USB (or FW or ThunderBolt). So, no, it does not matter by what interface the MIDI keyboard connects.
Could be an electrical problem or wire problem, but you say that Sibelius always “sees” it, that would rule that out.
Still difficult to say what the issue might be in your instance.
If you have the case that Dorico does not recognize your Alesis, please choose from the main menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report. That will create a zip file containing log data on your desktop. Please send it to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de and I’ll have a look for closer examination.

To add to Ulf’s suggestion, it may be useful to create one diagnostic report when your keyboard has been successfully recognised, and one when it hasn’t, so that we can compare the two.

Hi Seth,

Ulf has sent me your logs and (I think) I can see what’s happening. The log files show that Dorico is actually receiving the MIDI data ok, but you’re not in note input mode so the notes are being ignored. You can reproduce this by opening a score, selecting a note and then pressing notes on the MIDI keyboard. You should hear the instrument but no notes will be entered into the score. If you then press return that enters note input mode and subsequent MIDI input should be entered as notes in the score.

Ulf and Paul,
I’m not sure if that covers all of it, still acting a little strange, but it’ll do. Thanks for your help.