Sporadic white noise in all audio channels


Windows 7 64 with Cubase Artist 7 causes sporadic white noise spikes in all my audio channels.
I’ve googled a bit and tries all kind of different solutions such as re-routing the output etc. none is working.
I’ve also messed with the buffer size (increased them) and no difference.

I have a PreSonus AudioBox 22VSL card.

Please, this is starting to make me :imp:


I am to 99% sure that it is some kind of interference or HW failure.
Is the same noise audiable in headphones as in loudspeakers?

Yes, it’s the same regardless of headphones or speakers

Maybe a silly question, but are you running a demo vst plugin? These sometime send out periodic white noise.

Yeah I did, you were right spot on, thanks a bunch! :smiley:
As soon as I in-activated this plug-in (Amplitube) it all went away.
In other words, nothing wrong with Cubase :blush: