spot check playback

Hi all,

I’m a new Dorico user, coming from Finale. I’ve been discovering Dorico for a bit and I’m liking it a lot. However, I was doing my paid work in Finale still, simply because I’m used to it and I work faster in it, but I’ve decided to try and do my next project in Dorico. Now that I’m actually working on an arrangement in Dorico, I notice I’ve really grown used to Finale’s “audio spot-check” function a lot; press ctrl and spacebar and it plays back where you’re cursor is at the moment, and you’re also able to drag the cursor along to make the playback go back and forth. Is there a similar functionality in Dorico? I haven’t been able to find anything similar yet; I’ve found lots of other convenient playback functions that I didn’t know about in Finale, but I think it would be great if there’s something like it in Dorico.


Dorico doesn’t have such a feature right now, but it’s on the roadmap for the future. See for instance.

You can, however select a (single) note anywhere in your composition and then press the “p” key to start playback from that note.

It isn’t scrub, but it is convenient to start playback mid-score. Choosing other combinations of notes allow you to play just one part from partway through the score.

Thanks for your replies! I did find those two options already, especially selecting the parts for playback is really nice, but I guess I’ll have to wait a bit for something like the spot/scrub playback in a futures update.