Spotting SFX to Selection

Hi all, I’m new to Nuendo from PT so I’m playing catch up.
I’m having trouble spotting FX from Soundly to a specific track and selection.
When I spot, it creates a new track and gives me the duration of the Soundly selection. What I would like to do is make a selection in Nuendo and have the FX fill that selection with handles.
In one of the promo videos, there is an example of doing this via macro but I haven’t been able to work out how to program that yet.
Any tips would be great. Thanks

Can you link to the video you are referring to?

Hi nogills,
It’s on the Nuendo website and YT called ‘Exclusive features for sound designers - Nuendo features other DAWs wish they had’. Sorry, it wont let me put a link on here.
The section is at 13mins.
It’s actually talking about mediabay rather than Soundly, so maybe it’s just not possible from Soundly. Seems like it should be though, pretty standard workflow I would have thought.

Easiest way is to select the effect in Soundly, (by dragging across the wav display at the bottom, this way you can also select only part of the sound). Then simply drag and drop your selection onto a track in Nuendo.

Yes you can make a macro for more functionality.

What you would wanna do is select your range, find the Soundly sound you want, press the “Send To Nuendo” button, and then use Edit > Range > Crop , and it will make the sound you inserted only be in that range.

I don’t think there is a macro that will do all this at once, since Soundly is a 3rd party software. But you could assign the ‘crop range’ command to a keyboard shortcut and it would be pretty quick

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Thanks Phil, I do and still will use the drag out method most of the time and that works fine.
I was planning to use Nuendo’s scene cut detection and the spotting method to speed up atmos placement - spotting up atmos to pre defined scene borders without the faf of trying to find the cut frame at each end.
Nogills - the edit rand crop is exactly the right tool, thanks. I’m just left with the issue of it always importing onto a new track rather than the selected one. I’ve activated Track selection follows edit, so the track is being selected ok.
Spotting like this work in media bay, so it might well be Soundly.

Yes this took me a while to figure out haha - make sure you click on the BOTTOM half of the track, not the top half with the range tool. If you click on the top half, Soundly inserts the audio on the wrong track. If you click on the bottom half, it inserts the audio to the correct track

Wow, that is super obscure. Works great though now. Thanks for your help buddy.

Yeah, it’s weird.

no problem!