Spotting to picture frames

Hi there, haven’t got time to setup my newly aquired CMC units, and also need to get an 8 port usb hub to plug all of them to my DAW. But I did get to play a little bit with the AI module. I do a lot of sound design and SFX spotting to picture. With the CC121 I could grab the wheel, in jog mode and slowly advance the cursor in a per frame speed, wich was very handy for this task. I had previously owned an MCU for years, and the jog wheel also worked like this. If I try to do this with the CMC AI it seems as it works but tied to BPM’s, even If I have my main ruler and transport set to time code with frames. Any clues on this? or am I fukd?
I also tried the TP module and notice that with the nudge buttons I can advance the cursor the way I want, but I would rather prefer to use the jog wheel for this, dunno, its just more convenient…?