"Spread" audio files in relation to grid

I would like to select a bunch of files in my project and “spread” each file to be on its own (grid position/bar) adjacent to the previous files end point.

i am trying to “spread” my audio files in relation to the grid i have always found this cumbersome and when working with lots of audio files i would find this feature extremely useful as i cannot sit there and drag 50/500/5000 audio files individually so they are placed easily within the grid.

So ideally

  1. i select say 100 audio files from a single individual track,
  2. i choose the option spread to grid (use user defined grid/quantize settings)
  3. the first audio file is not moved
  4. all adjacent files are placed one after another, according to grid/quantize settings and the previous files end point.

I hope others will find this useful.

Big +1!