Spread multiple clips to lanes


when I copy multiple audio clips on top of each other and activate the lanes view, I get 2 lanes: One with all the audio files on top of each others and one empty lane.
Is there a way to spread the files across multiple lanes as if they were recorded in cycle mode?


This is made automatically, when you record in cycle in default settings. What settings of Audio Cycle Mode do you have?

Hi Martin,

I know that it works in cycle mode, but I have 8 mono files from a sound devices field recorder on top of each other.


Hi Ollie,

I see, now I got your point.

I’m afraid, this is not possible.

Hi Oliver,
could the “wave agent” poly split mode help you in that ?

Duplicate your track 8 times. Use the front/back selector to delete all but one of each layer on each track. Place those 8 tracks in a new folder, for mass editing. It’ll take you about 10 minutes and you can move on.

Just grab each clip and drag into the empty lane, then a new empty lane will be made/ repeat

It’s mouse click/control drag rather than the more normal control/mouse click drag when in lane mode by the way