Spread out into space [electronic]

For my next project “look at the Universe”


This song has two parts.

Part one tells about the urge as a species to colonize the universe.
While writing I came across an interview with Steven Hawkins, and he said exactly what the song needed, so I
used it as an intro but also later on, I mangled it through melodyne the second time.
Part two is about the interstellar ship taking of to the nearest star.

The other voice is me, but the intro of part two I would really like to use a female flight attendant voice.

Comments are welcome, this is still in the stage of composing so I can change a lot.

Greetz Dylan.

Really great sounds love the unison licks around 6:30, I don’t understand the use of would block (on beat 4?) it’s a bit distracting to me. But a well constructed piece of music and great use of synths.

Nice, the mix is excellent. Good tracks too, although I thought the lead synth in the 2nd song was a bit cheesy :wink:

I don’t understand what you mean by that?

Thanks for the replie though!

Greetz Dylan.

Hey Rick thanks!

And cheezy is absolutely what I was after! Think Jane Fonda in Barbarella…:slight_smile:

Gteetz Dylan.

Pretty cool, Stephen Hawking singing! Your stuff always sounds well put together to me.

Nice, Dylan! You really know how to take the listener on a trip. Cool effects on the vocals and, as usual, great synth work.