Spread stacked parts in lane consecutively


Ok, after having recorded many stacked parts in a loop (approx 40 lanes worth)

How can i spread them out in consecutive order?

Eg. Lane 2 take starts where lane1 ends , lane 3 starts where lane 2 ends etc?

(Some kind of spread lanes consecutively button or so? Lol)


Edit: p.s. , yes, i know about mixed stack and everything else you can do before the recording…
What i wanna know is : how do you spread out the parts consecutively after they have been recorded in
New parts/stacked mode…:wink:


Use the Split tool in the main track, to define the events length. Then use the Comp tool to select, which lane should be used in every single area.

Hi martin:)

Thanks for your help:)

What i mean is this:

Is there a way to collapse all lanes into one lane, and have the events spread and layed out in consecutive order? (move all events to one lane / each event playing after the next)


I see, you don’t want to comp them, you want to make a sequence out of them, right?

There is no dedicated function, but I could imagine a Macro.

Hi martin:)

Correct. -> sequence lanes …

Hmm, ok… No dedicated fuction… -> checked through the macros section but it seems there are no commands that would get this to work…

Ah well…

Maybe some time in the future;)

Thanks again for your help:)

Did you record all takes in one go (ie not stopping between passes) or was each lane recorded separately?

If the former, you can delete all the events except the first, then drag out the right side of that event for as long as it will go…

I did it with retrospective record… - i cannot expand it that way (would be a nice feature tho)
(I usually use retrospective for really long takes because i get stagefright when using the record button)

Could you send a screenshot from the Pool, please? @OldFecker: Great idea!

Ahh, so it’s MIDI. I assumed it was audio. My method won’t work on MIDI recordings unfortunately.