Spreading a Sample across the Keyboard range

I know I’ve seen a similar question posted somewhere in this forum but I don’t believe I was able to derive a definitive answer from the responses.

My question is regarding single hit samples. I’ve purchased some sample loops from Zero-G that have included some single hit samples in the package. The single hits include both the drums as well as bass note single wave files.

It makes sense that for me to effectively expand on the provided loops; to have access to the same bass (for example) that was used to record the loops. So I believe that is why the single bass note sample is included.

My problem is although I can easily assign the drum hits to a pad in Groove Agent to replicate the kit used to create the beats; I cannot determine if there is some tool within Cubase to do the same with the bass note sample; since it would require more than simply triggering the note but also to interpolate the value up and down the keyboard via a sampler.

Anyone here able to provide some insight as to whether this is something that Cubase can do? And if not, are there any recommendations for other software that may be able to assist me in this effort?


You can do this in Groove Agent

Alternatively one of these would do the job.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I needed.