Spreading some ButterSynth on Cubasis

Hi Cubasis’ers
How many of you have the awesome new ButterSynth? How are you getting on with it? Have you been able to be creative with it yet?

Since buying it over a week ago I have not done anything creatively in Cubasis, I had the intention of not buying preset packs, but to create my own presets and use them in my projects. I have to say that I have been overwhelmed by the complexity of modulation possibilities involving the six oscillators. There is already a load of great presets in the library, but selecting any one of them tempts you you to tweak it slightly to hear what it sounds like and before you know it you’re off in all directions, that’s my reason for not working on any projects.
I am just curious to read other user’s experiences with ButterSynth :thinking:

Mmm, seems like I’m the only one with ButterSynth, perhaps this recently new synth is still unknown to some….