Sprech Gesang


I have searched for this but can’t find it: How do I make a stem with a cross/x?
pierrot lunaire sprech gesang.png

In write mode, Select the notes, right click to invoke context menu > noteheads > crosses or smth like this. Done.

Marc I think he’s looking for the crosses on the stem rather than as a notehead. I believe this sort of stem decoration has come up before and is on the team’s radar - if I remember correctly, some users have achieved this by editing the Z-on-stem glyph (Repeats panel>Tremolos, editable in Engrave>Music Symbols>Tremolos>Buzz roll) they don’t otherwise use in the project.

Yes, Lillie, you are right! Decorations on stems are achieved through the modification of the z-tremolo. Sorry for the misunderstanding — I should have looked at the picture!

Thanks for quick replies!

Why not a third placement for playing techniques: Above, Below, Stem?
Sprech Gesang is a playing technique.

Again thanks for the work around!

We do plan to make it possible to create arbitrary stem-attached techniques in future, of course.