Squasher Overload Bug

Hey guys,
I’ve got a weird bug with Squasher in Cubendo 11… Somehow if the input signal exceeds 0db I get very loud noise/distortion bursts.
I tried lowering the input signal, however the meter stays the same (it is not showing quieter levels, although there is less distortion in the signal) and I’m still getting the exact same error.
Has to be a bug, because turning up the input results in more distortion from Squasher (which is supposed to be correct) but those weird noise burst still occur.
Made a simple video, where you can hear those sounds (0:02 for example):

Has anyone else experienced this?

are you serious?
you will blame the plugin for distortion generated by your signal?

Well distortion is perfectly fine. However those bursts of very loud noise are strange. They occur if I input very low in volume signal into Squasher, as well as loud signal. Obviously when turning up the input knob, Squasher will distort more. Which is exactly what I want. However those random overloads seem to happen at every input level. (see the video above at 0:02 or 0:16)

why is your upward compression at 100% and downward compression at 0%

It was just a random preset. “Basseline Enhancer 03”

I might have found something a minute ago. The Kontakt Bass Sound had a very sharp attack. As in no attack time… 0-100 in no time… haha. Increasing the attack time makes the problem go away and Squasher is behaving exactly as expected. More distortion with more input signal and less with less… No sudden noise bursts.
However the input meter is still broken and shows a pre-input-knob status

I doubt that it is broken… input meter… input level
looked good on my test 5min ago

I checked it again
the input meter shows the input level
the input gain knob is after that… looks not broken, only different
and maybe it’s not what you expect

Ok cool. Thanks for checking!