SR-Conversion question

I have an old project done in 44 / 24 with some recorded audio, some midi tracks playing VSTIs and some FX-Tracks. Now I need to deliver it in 48 / 16 and wonder how to maintain the highest quality.

Should I:

  1. export directly (using dither of course) into 48 / 16
  2. export into 44 / 24 and then convert the stereo file
  3. change the sample rate of the project, let cubase do the sample rate conversion of every audio file in that project and then export into 48 /16
  4. do it the fastest way because all methods produce the same quality ?

Method one is your best bet. It’s faster, done in one simple step and doesn’t require the conversion of several files which may actually degrade the sound more than simply converting one stereo file. That would be my advice.

Take care!