SRC a montage and keep the edits ?

HI, I often master at a high sample rate, and need to deliver the final product at lower rates. I do all the editing at the higher sampling rate, then src for the final products. But the required edits aren’t always exactly the same for the CD and the video version, for example. Or sometimes the client changes his mind about an edit and I have to go back to the high resolution montages to edit, and then run the src again . If I could build the montage at say, 192K and then instead of just generating audio files at 48K, generate a montage with all the original edits at 48K, that would be great!

Have you looked at the Custom Montage Duplicate options?

I work in a similar way in that I build my montage at a higher sample rate such as 96k, and then I render a new WAV of the entire montage in one pass to lock in all the processing safely because rendering track by track with plugins can lead to small errors when you have overlapping tracks.

Anyway, once I have my main montage processed, I use a 3rd party SRC (Saracon, sometimes RX) and SRC that file down to 44.1k and sometimes also 48k.

Then back in WaveLab, I use the Custom Montage Duplicate to have WaveLab recreate the montage at the sample rate of the externally SRC’d file and it’s done in less than 1 second. Now I can render my master files, DDP, etc.

I think in your case, you could point WaveLab to the 48k files and have it rebuild the montage for you using Custom Montage Duplicate.

Woriks like e charm!
Thanks Justin!
Thanks P.G.!

No problem. I’m very grateful that PG added the custom montage copy because I personally prefer to assemble, PQ, and process at higher sample rates, use a 3rd party SRC (Saracon or RX), and then have the project fully recreated at a different sample rate.

I think it’s becoming a more common workflow now.

At the time of this request, WaveLab didn’t have SoX Resampler so it was really important to me to use a 3rd party SRC.

The custom montage duplicate is perhaps my top 3 favorite features of WaveLab.