SRC Artifacts Issue in Master Section Render

If I have a 48KHz file and want to convert to 44.1KHz using the Resample option in the master section, I get artifacts in the resulting file. If I render without the Resample option, then process it manually in the audio editor, the resulting 44.1KHz file is artifact-free.

Is this a known issue in WL 9.0.35?


What kind of artifacts do you hear?
What other effects are in the master section (if any)?
What is the bit resolution of the original file?
What is the bit resolution of the rendered file?
Are you using dithering after resampling?
Are you doing this using the montage or the audio editor?
Can you supply a short section of the audio file so others can test?

Is there any chance a plugin isn’t rendering correctly when he Resampler is used and really throwing off the loudness and creating artifacts that you don’t get when you do it it separate steps?

I’ve had cases where some plugins work on playback, but don’t work correctly on a render, and maybe this is similar where it doesn’t like to work correctly on a Resampled render.

What kind of headroom are you leaving after KClip and I assume you are making a 32-bit float WAV to eventually dither after SRC?

Are there any other clues about the unusable file in terms of loudness, sound, latency on the render etc?

After performing the SRC manually to get through this project, I went back and tried to duplicate the problem which seems to be intermittent. Sometimes the files render correctly, sometimes not. Sometimes I get the artifacts just by merely turning on the resampling in the master section and playing back the file at 48KHz, and other times it plays fine. I can strip all the other plugins from the chain and it makes no difference - still intermittent. And I’ve tested this with multiple WAV source files. No dithering involved in the process. WAV files being rendered are 32bit float. I didn’t notice the issue until I opened some of these processed files in a montage which led me to go back and render again and do SRC manually.

All of this is leading me to believe that it could be an interface/clocking issue as I have had some recent problems in Pro Tools with AES and Word Clock with my UA Apollo and Burl B2s. It would help if I could duplicate the problem every time. I may try another interface just to see if this will stabilize the system.

Are you using Mac or PC? As a test, you could try rendering simply using the internal audio hardware of the computer.